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আপনি কি তেলাপোকা, উইপোকা, ছারপোকা, ইঁদুর, মশা, মাছি, পিঁপড়া, সাপ ও অন্যান্য পোকামাকড়ের আক্রমণ এর জ্বালায় ভুগছেন? ১৯৯৫ সাল হতে সুনামের সাথে আমরা পোকামাকড় দমনের সেবা দিয়ে আসছি। পোকামাকড় দমন অথবা নিয়ন্ত্রণ এর জন্য আমরা উন্নতমানের ও পরিবেশবান্ধব কেমিক্যাল ব্যবহার করে থাকি। আমাদের অভিজ্ঞ টেকনিশিয়ানরা এই ব্যাপারে যথেষ্ট দক্ষ এবং আপনার সমস্যার সমাধান দিবে দক্ষতার সাথে। বিভিন্ন পোকামাকড়ের সমাধান আমরা গ্যারান্টি সহকারে দিয়ে থাকি। বাড়ি, অফিস, প্রতিষ্ঠান, হাসপাতাল, গার্মেন্টস, আবাসিক হোটেল, ফার্মাসিউটিকাল, গুদাম ইত্যাদি জায়গায় গ্যারান্টি সহকারে সেবা প্রদান করে থাকি।

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Pest Control Services in Dhaka City

Digital Pest Control Services Dhaka is a family-owned pest control services provider. We operated company based in the Dhaka city and other cities of Bangladesh. We take a no-nonsense approach to protect your home and family against all types of pests including termites, cockroach, bed bugs, rodent, mosquitoes, ants, flies, snakes, clothes moths to solve your pest problem.

We provide quality pest control services. At Digital Pest Control Services dhaka, understand how important it is to keep pests from your home or business. With over many years experience, we know how to inspect your home including property or place of business thoroughly, evaluate what we find and pinpoint exactly what we need to do to keep you pest free and worry-free. Our pest control technicians do the best things for insect control.

All works are performed by qualified pest control specialists. We are competitive, thorough and pride ourselves on integrity and fairness in everything that we do in providing quality services at a quality price. 

Get the best deal on pest control services in Dhaka city or all over Bangladesh, Guaranteed. Finding the right Pest Control Company for the right price can be quite a headache. 

Here at Pest Control Services, we’ve premium pest control professionals to give you the best pest control services and the lowest price. For every pest problems, we have a top-notch professional ready to service your needs.

This is exactly why you need the services of a professional pest control company like Digital Pest Control Services. We are a leading pest control company in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh to serve the commercial as well as residential customers. We always keep our pricing reasonable and this provides our customers value for money.

We are a pest management company that built a very strong reputation in the field today residential and commercial customers for our services. We are updated with all the latest advances and provide Pest Control Services for a variety of pests.

Leading the way in pest control throughout all districts in Bangladesh and having the knowledge of each location and it’s specific pest problems only comes through experience. Everyone has its own pest problems who living in Bangladesh where our pests can bring great problems, only trust the best pest control services provider company like Digital Pest Control Services.

Digital Pest Control Services is a friendly pest control company to suit the need of customers by offering pest control services across Bangladesh. Our vast experience and inventive use of a variety of tested resources have enabled us to help our customers who have tried the different services and found them lacking in expertise. 

Digital Pest Control Services is putting honesty and integrity back into the pest control industry!

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pest control services dhaka

Why Digital Pest Control Services Dhaka

Pest control service is one of the most common problems in Bangladesh. Digital pest Control Company in Bangladesh provides the different types of pest control services Dhaka. Bangladesh Pest Control Company has distinguished technicians in the field of pest control, elimination entirely and safely.

We are the best pest control services provider comapny in Dhaka city and cover all areas of Dhaka. We have a specialized team to combat all types of insects in Dhaka such as cockroaches, ants, bugs, termites, as well as all kinds of rodents and others and are located in all areas of Dhaka. Digital Pest control only defending against termites and pests in Dhaka city. Because it’s your house, not theirs, if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.

Why We Are The Best pest control Service Provider in Dhaka

When we have already used all home pests resources without success, hiring professional experts in pest control is a great option. They can help you get rid of pests when you find a pest control company that in your opinion, can solve your problem.

You should see if it has a choice of comments from satisfied customers, to hear their advice that will surely help us make a decision. So it doesn’t matter if you have ants or spiders in your home, the essential and essential thing is to look for the best pest control company. That can help you deal with pest problems before it gets out of control.

The best way to find a pest control services provider company in Dhaka go online and search. That will do a free inspection of your property before hiring the service. Does so with a team of qualified professionals to do the final work within a short time. When hiring a pest control company, do not just look at the price, since there are many companies and hiring some could represent certain risks.

How to determine the prices of Pest Control services

The first thing you should consider is to know the type of pests present in your property since each pest is different. And the solution to get rid of them is also different. It is always a great idea when we look for a pest control Dhaka company. Which not only has the best equipment but also uses human techniques to get rid of pests or insects.

The second important factor that determines the price of services is the environment and its accessibility. When you hire professional experts, they quickly analyze your property and find the problem area, wherever you are if pests are found in your home or commercial spaces. Where it will be difficult to reach, then pest control professionals must use different techniques and equipment to get rid of them.

While you can install a security system to protect yourself from thieves and other intruders, unfortunately, you cannot protect yourself from pests and insects. That is when Pest Control Professionals can easily remove unwanted guests at an affordable price.

Pest Control Service

Your pests are our problem Our Pest Control Services

We offer different services focused on common pests control and environmental hygiene such as Termites Control, Bed Bugs Control, Cockroaches Control, Rats/Rodents Control , Ants Control, Mosquitoes Control, Snakes Control, Flies Control, Fumigation Services.

Digital Pest Control Services

Termites Control Services

They are social insects; they feed on wood and any derivative that contains cellulose, window frames, newspapers, magazines, Pictures, etc. They always live in colonies, and they have an essential ecological role in nature since they participate in the degradation of organic material.

Digital Pest Control Services

Cockroach Control Services

Cockroaches are one of the most frequent pests in homes. Its exceptional ability to adapt to environmental changes make cockroaches the most successful insects on the planet, and therefore, also one of the most challenging pests to control in homes and businesses.

Digital Pest Control Services

Bed Bugs Control Services

Trying to make proper bed bug control can be a bit difficult if you don’t do it correctly. Problem and develop the best strategy to prevent the infestation from spreading. The second step would be to choose one or several elimination methods so that your task is successful. Bed bugs know how to hide very well, and in turn, their reproduction is very fast.


Digital Pest Control Services

Rodent Control Services

The most common commensal rodents in houses are the common rat, gray rat or sewer rat (Rattus norvegicus), the black rat or roof rat, the domestic mouse, and the field mouse.

Digital Pest Control Services

Mosquitoes Control Services

Mosquito control agencies use trucks to spray with a low-pressure sprayer (ULV). For the residential and commercial purpose, we have used these types of low-pressure sprayer ULV with the high air. When the mosquito contact with the units and death. We have mixed the texture at minimum label per acre. Which can help the reduce risks of environment and human health?

Digital Pest Control Services

Ants Control Services

Ants have colonized and adapted in almost all areas of the planet, only Antarctica and some inhospitable islands cannot be found. Ants communicate with each other through pheromones; this chemical releases an odor that is perceived by their antennae.

Digital Pest Control Services

Flies Control Services

Have you noticed that annoying flies have appeared in bathrooms, kitchen and other spaces and that the problem is aggravated in Warmer months like spring and summer? Its a common problem for your business and a real headache to end the flies?

Digital Pest Control Services

Snakes Control Services

Snakes are characterized by having a very elongated body and not having limbs crawling on the ground to move. These reptiles and on the way to know where the snakes live and what they eat. Some species are poisonous (vipers or cobras). They use that poison to be able to disarm their prey and then ingest them.

Digital Pest Control Services

Fumigation Services

Digital Pest Control Services has been doing fumigation on a variety of buildings from homes to offices for last few years. Digital pest control experts are trained to provide professional fumigation services.

Digital Pest Control Services

Residential Pest Control

Trust the Pest Control experts at Residential Pest Management to provide effective solutions for the pest that invade your home. We are members of your community and we are ready to help.

Digital Pest Control Services

Commercial Pest Control

As a leading Pest Control Services provider, we are providing commercial pest control services to our all valued customers. This services protects your work areas from pests.

Digital Pest Control Services

Industrial Pest Control

Pests are high risk threats in the Industrial and manufacturing premises and its supply chain, similar to those in the food related industries. 

Why Our Pest Control Service?


After the initial service is complete, we will return to your home every quarter to reapply the outside barrier.

Digital Pest Control Services

We attend your inquiry

Call, us and an expert, will visit and evaluate your query. We will make a budget adjusted to your needs

Digital Pest Control Services


If necessary, a free check will be completed. The consultant who makes the investigation will prepare a budget

Digital Pest Control Services

Pest Treatment

We agree on a date that suits the client to do the treatment. A technician will travel to apply the treatment.




Qualified staff

Our specialized technicians will perform the treatment that best suits your needs.

Effectiveness and guarantee in treatments

The products and systems used in our treatments are highly effective, always guaranteeing the safety of our clients.

Integrated Management of Pest Control Dhaka

Before implementing any control method, it is necessary to perform an inspection of the entire area. It is the most important to obtain the desired and immediate results, with this we evaluate in addition to the pest. Pest Control is going to work as well as the restrictions of high-risk areas. All this information helps us determine the treatment to be applied, the techniques to be used, and the appropriate products.

Desensitization, there are different procedures to achieve adequate control of the pests that are used according to the needs detected in our pre-service inspection. We use methods with practical equipment that allow us to be at the forefront of the techniques used. Desensitization consists in preventing and controlling rodents.

Integrated pest management

At BD Pest Control Dhaka, maintain the standards with National registration which are subject to quality standards, this to guarantee the effectiveness of our services as well as the total satisfaction of our customers. The equipment and products in terms of technology are specific to industrial and commercial. It is necessary to perform preventive and corrective Pest control Dhaka service, so we recommend that periodic and scheduled services in Dhaka city.

There are general trends that pest Control applies to obtain effective pest control. When a pesticide loses its effectiveness because the population can survive a dose that was deadly in the past, it is an indication That resistance genes have been significantly concentrated. The most viable solution is the use of a product that does not share any resistance mechanism with the other. We have used only authorized pesticides. Rotate or alter those with cross-resistance.

Guarantee of the Services and committed to guaranteeing the control of plagues that have been stipulated in the policy. The warranty is that Digital Control undertakes to provide services without additional charge until the pests above are controlled. Communication, to make any pest control program effective, it is necessary to maintain close contact between Digital Control and the client, a cooperative environment between the two parties is significant to reduce the conditions that contribute to the presence of pests and to ensure the success of the entire program.

Why Digital Pest Control Dhaka?

Digital pest control service has 25 years of experience to control any types of pest in Dhaka city. The main problem is that this pest nuisance happened without any warning, most of the people dealing with it using local chemical. But this is not the right process. You need a pros pest control service provider and monthly inspection for your home or office.

On the contrary, if the pests that are invading your home is huge, the idea is to hire a pest control company in Dhaka. Hiring an excellent pest control service has many advantages compared to a pest control done on your own.

Pest control services with custom plans

Hire a professional pest control company in your home or office. They may be able to offer you a personalized plan that is suitable for existing pests in your home or office. One of the essential things to understand is that no size suits all scenarios in regards to pests. So it is necessary to have different plans to get rid of various pests in a house, according to Each case in particular.

Safety when fighting pests

 Most treatments for pests that to purchase in stores come with strong chemicals and can cause health damage if not used properly. We are professional pest control in Dhaka use safe and effective treatment methods. Digital pest control uses the best environment-friendly, effective product for fighting the pest. Technicians are well trained, well trained, and take proper precautions during handling of all products during the fumigation process. So instead of risking your safety and the health of your the whole family, Please call a professional pest control service provider in Dhaka

Pest control costs vs. home treatments

If you don’t control pests like termites or rodents, they may be able to cause a lot of damage to your home. You may spend lots of money on repairs if you don’t give them the importance of the case.

Digital pest control company use the best and affordable pest control solution. The average cost of pest control in a professional manner is only a fraction of what can be spent to repair the damage caused by pests.

Risks of using wrong methods

 The use of a wrong way of disposal can be counterproductive. Ineffective methods of elimination can only disperse pests, can regroup and re-enter the house causing more damage. Professional pest control service provider in Dhaka, Knows the most effective methods to eliminate different types of pests, and they guarantee the effectiveness to get rid of pests.

The pest control requires time and effort by choosing a professional fumigation company in Dhaka. Most of the company owners buy wrong chemicals to control the pest. But they do not know the right way. Using any product or chemicals, it will be harmful.

So the best solution to control the pest hire a professional. You may be able to keep free your home or office free of pests, and your family and protect pets. If you have a huge pest in your home, it is always better to seek professional help from a pest control company in Dhaka.

We provide Residential, commercial, and industrial services. Together, you and we will achieve an environment free of vectors that transmit diseases of all kinds. We guarantee the elimination of all types of pests. When you detect the presence of a pest example, bed bugs in our house,

There is always the initial impulse to try to resolve it personally and quickly. In general, this treatment does not give the expected result, with the consequent disappointment. The bedbugs are still in the same place, again or again, in the face of our helplessness.

Digital Pest Control Services

 What are some of the main reasons to hire our pest control company?

BD Pest Control knows the biology of the pest in question. In this way, the solution of the problem will be solved quickly, because it knows how the enemy behaves, where they take refuge, knows their habits, that they feed, etc. And therefore he knows how to fight it effectively.

For our pest problem, not all insecticides give the same result. According to the place, time of year surfaces to be treated, it is the choice of the family of pesticides and the appropriate formulation. The dose to apply plays a significant role, so as not to compromise our health with the environment and not cause resistance development by insects.

Another detail to take into account is the risk of poisoning by the manipulation by non-professional hands of any chemical.

Pest Control 24 Hours Dhaka 

Call BD Pest control Company for the extermination of insects, rodents, and reptiles. We work hard to provide the best service and the best quality. We provide emergency pest control services or garments and other commercial sectors. “It is our task is your comfort and end the problem of insects in your place permanently at the right time for you Contact us now.

Reasons why you should call BD Pest Control 

· Useful and accurate diagnosis of your problem

· The exact identification of pests, which guarantees us control

· Experience of more than eight years in the market 

· Cutting-edge application equipment to treat any pest

· Professional products, low toxicity, valid and approved 

· Short and long term toxicological risks.

· No time is wasted. It goes straight to the solution based on our experience

· The costs of our services are the most accessible 

· Follow-up of the problem until they complete the answer. 

· Updated on the latest technology in the market and the most effective procedures for each pest.

Digital Pest Control Company Dhaka


Contribute to your health eliminated disease transmission vectors with professionalism, passion, and commitment, in your home, business, or industry, through a timely, efficient, effective, and reliable service.

We get constant pest control training and which help us to finish work within time. We know new proposals to control pests. We learn how to use new products and techniques to be able to offer our clients an increasingly professional service. And above all, give each day a little more of ourselves.


• We will cover all customer needs.

• We will fulfill any commitment we make 100%.

• We will communicate well and kindly with all our clients.

• We will do our job correctly from the first time, always.

• By doing our job well, we will avoid the possibility of an accident.

• We will treat each client with courtesy, respect, and kindness.

• Our service will be on time, efficient, reliable cash.

• Our customer depends on their needs. We will adapt our services to meet them.

• We will monitor our performance, mediate our effort, and promote feedback.

• Policies and procedures will guide us, not limit us.

• Phrases and campaigns do not make better service happen our professionalism, dedication, passion, and commitment will.

PEst control excellence guaranteed!


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