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Bed Bugs Pest Control Services

Bedbugs are pest or insects which feed on human blood and other warm-blooded animals. They have oval-shaped, flattened, and are reddish-brown. They are sneaky, small, and difficult to find. They often bite their victims, which causes allergic reactions. The repeated infestation of these pests can also cause anxiety. They are all over across the globe.

They are commonly found in hotels, hospitals, houses, pieces of furniture, shoes, beds, clothe, and many more areas. Bed bug infestations cause trauma and great distress to their victims. If you don’t eliminate all the bedbugs around, you can be with over 300 adults in 3 months if just one female bug is living with you. The infestation of pests in your home can pose a considerable health risk to you and your family. They can also affect businesses.
At Digital Pest Control, we provide state-of-the-art professional control measures to eliminate virtually all the bedbugs in your homes. With our effective control methods, we implement a strategic process of assessing your bedbug problems, provide a lasting solution, and monitoring our effort to ensure that the effectiveness of our aim is sustained.

We are a professional bed bug control company in Dhaka city, specialized in fumigation and pest control in Dhaka. We are responsible for controlling your bed bugs socially and environmentally. That is why we use biodegradable products, as well as organic formulas that are not aggressive for our clients and our environment. Although the correct name is Pest Control, although people commonly call our activity “Fumigation.” The technicians in Pest Control call them “Fumigators,” for this reason on this page we refer to “Pest Control” as “Fumigation.”

Hire a beg bugs fumigator company in Dhaka

If you find bugs, please call best to hire a professional who is responsible for making bed bugs disappear in Dhaka city. This is the most recommended option for homeowners. Especially because they can detect the focus of the infection much better. We can do so how to identify any other plague beside bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Pest Control Company Bangladesh

Digital Pest Control BD solve bedbug problems

We are experts at dealing with Bedbug problems In all sorts of locations, Speak to a Qualified Biologist for advice and information about how treatments work and what they cost. Microbee was chosen, after an exhaustive selection process, to provide Pest Control services in Dhaka. We were there from when it was just a hole in the mud, and we are still there as the chosen contractors during the retro-fit, turning it into housing. We were selected because we provided the best combination of value for money, technical expertise, reliability, and quality service. Of course, they could have found somebody cheaper – so can you. Hire best bed bugs to control service provider in Dhaka.

Where bed bugs hide

Bed bugs are A severe problem in Dhaka city. Pest found in various places on your home or workplaces. You can find them on mattresses, inside beds frame, bellow pillow and more. These bed bugs are you can see at night when you are sleeping. Bed bugs quickly spread from one room to other rooms or your full house. In Dhaka city, these bed bugs can be found in your clothes and few dirty hotels in Dhaka city. Digital pest control keeps cleaning your homes and hotels from bed bugs. 

How to detect Bed Bugs

If you found bed bugs in your home or office, they hide very well in the narrowest cracks and can survive for a long time without feeding.

How can we detect the presence of bedbugs?

  • Stinging: bug bites often appear on arms, legs, hands, feet, and neck. It is easier for bed bugs to find these body parts, which are not covered by bedding.
  • Blood spots: During the night, bed bugs can be crushed against the sheet or the bedspread, leaving bloodstains on them.
  • Fecal spots: bugs leave their droppings around their hiding places. Observe the presence of small black spots on surfaces, furniture, and textiles, especially near the bed.
  • Mudras: As bed bugs grow, from one stage to another, they develop new skin. They part with the old one, which can see around their hiding places.
  • Odor: bugs give off a characteristic smell, something sweet but unpleasant. Although it is virtually invisible to humans unless it is a severe infestation, there are canine units trained exclusively for this purpose.

Bed bug bites

Bugs bite are the most painful things in this world at night time when you are going to rest. Insects come out and bite on your body. Also, the economic and image damage that a bed bug represents in its facilities must not neglect.

 Digital Pest Control Services

Digital pest control Dhaka remove bed bugs.

  • We will use bed bug electric heater to remove bugs because bed bugs cant lives at 135 degrees F temperature. 
  • We will monitor the temperature using the sensor because without damaging any contents; we can reach a higher solution. 
  • Use also moving high-temperature fans which can help to the hot air passes into little space to reach bugs using the moving fan. 


With the bed bugs, it shows that they are one of the insects with the highest number of these resistances, which makes control and eradication even more difficult. Also, misuse of insecticides can lead to the opposite effect and disperse the pest to areas free of this insect. That is why several methods are safer for health, more respectful of the environment, and with greater efficiency for the control of bed bugs. There are currently several systems for the elimination of  bugs, and often they are combined to obtain complete removal of the pest. The key to success in a bed bug treatment is to determine the degree of the infestation, reach the bed bug shelters to eliminate. For this, qualified and specialized personnel with a vast knowledge of the biology of bedbugs are necessary.

Systems to eliminate bedbugs 

· Mechanical systems to eliminate bedbugs 

Based on the physical elimination of bed bugs in all stages of development. The aspirated is the most used mechanical method and with which good results obtained. However, the use of this method alone does not ensure complete elimination of the pest since they have to get there where all bed bugs hide.


· Chemical systems to eliminate bedbugs

The use of chemical insecticides that kill insects by contact is based. For them to affect, just like mechanical systems, they have to get there where bed bugs hide, and that is not always an easy task. Also, these types of treatments can be dangerous to health, and the temporary evacuation of the treated area is required. The most suitable application systems to achieve this are by localized spraying and dusting.

· Physical systems to eliminate bedbugs

 They based on the application of temperatures that kill eggs, nymphs, and adults — a full process completed by heat or cold. Specifically, heat control systems are currently the most effective since, in the range between 45-56 ° C, all phases of insect eliminated. Also, this type of system is the most environmentally friendly, with no risk to health. Our Bed Bug Treatment is the perfect combination of several methods for the elimination of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Inspection Service

Traditional ways of removing bedbug infestation always prove ineffective. Your best approach to eliminate and proffer lasting solutions to your bedbug problems is to get a specialist who will access the issues holistically. We are here for you. Our specialists will monitor the whole process of evaluating and obtaining your home and implement effective solutions to ensure maximum protection of your home from bedbug infestation.

Bed Bugs Control in Bangladesh

Bed Bugs Control Solutions

The importance of controlling and eliminating bed bugs in your homes and businesses is essential because these pests are a source of stress, trauma, and worry to homeowners and businesses. Bed bugs feed on human blood. Bed bugs infestations can destroy the reputation of the business’s brand name, which can even bring about lawsuits and cause a decrease in income flow. 

Regular measures of controlling the spread of bed bugs in homes without utilizing trained specialists have always proved ineffective. Bed bugs are small and difficult to detect by an untrained eye. Digital Pest Control Services offers maximum ongoing protective control measures to eradicate bed bugs from your homes and businesses. The phases of our strategic control measures include the following:

  • Evaluation and Inspection: Begin by sending our highly trained specialists to your homes or business environment to evaluate and inspect the area. We trace every bed bug hiding places with our practical inspection tools. Our highly trained technicians will track down the roots of the problem.
  • Bed Bug Treatment Service: The next phase of our control measures follows immediately after the Inspection is complete. Our specialist will present to you the various available bed bug treatment options and also recommend the best options, which will yield absolute positive results to your bed bug problems. Recommendations for your bed bug treatment options are calculated based on these factors: first, the size of the bed bug infestation, the type of property, and the customer preference for non-chemical treatment. Once an agreement is reached for the best solution between the customer and our trained specialist, the treatment options will be implemented on an agreed date by our licensed professional.
  • Monitoring Services: Don’t just apply treatment measures and not follow up with our practical efforts. After treatment options are implemented, your Digital Pest Control Technician monitors the results and effectiveness of the treatment processes to ensure sustainability.

Bed Bug Treatment Services

In just a few months, bed bugs can multiply to an infestation of over 12,000. Bed bugs’ massive increase recently has posed a threat to human comfort. The bad thing about these pests is the fact that they are sneaky, tiny, and tricky to eliminate. The do-it-yourself control measures have proven infective because an untrained eye will find it difficult to trace the source of the problem. The best approach to getting rid of bed bugs from your homes and business environment is to hire a reliable company that will ensure that the source of the bed bug problem is detected and bring about a lasting solution to the problem.

With years of experience in the industry, we understand the various sources of the problems arising from bed bug infestations in homes and businesses; they need to ensure lasting solutions to these problems. We have developed a working strategy that we have tested to be the best in terms of lasting results.

  • Conventional Treatments Method: Digital Pest Control conventional treatment is our standard bed bug treatment option, which also yields optimum results in the eradication of bed bugs from your homes and commercial spaces. Our specialist applies this treatment formula to virtually all the detected hiding places of bed bugs in your home. They ensure that all potential secret areas are free from bed bugs.
  • Heat Treatments Method: Heat methods are mostly used to eliminate bed bugs. This one-day treatment provides an environmentally friendly solution to killing bed bugs in your homes and properties by applying minimal pesticides to infested areas. Usually, infested spaces are heated to a high temperature by a portable heater, which ensures that the troublesome insects are killed.
  • Bed Bug Dogs: Just like bomb-sniffing dogs are trained to perceive the odors of bombs, which is unnoticeable by man’s odor senses, and the only natural to dogs; our bed bug dogs are trained to recognize bed bug odors.

Household Bed Bug Control

Recent statistics gotten from the National Pest Management Association reports that 1 in every five homes have the presence of bed bugs in them. Bed bugs are becoming very common in people’s homes, hotels, and commercial spaces. In most cases, they are usually brought into residential buildings by travelers who unknowingly carry them along on their luggage.

Sometimes, though unknowingly, homeowners can also bring bed bugs into their residence when they bring second-handed clothes or furniture into their homes. Standard preventive measures require that homeowners should inspect second-handed furniture before bringing them into their homes.

If your residence, office or business place has been taken over by bug infestation, Digital Pest Control Technicians are the best in the industry. Our technicians carried out an in-depth inspection of your property to get to the source of the bed bug hideouts. After we are through with a thorough investigation, our specialists present the best solutions to the problem.

Digital Pest Control offers various non-chemical bed bug pest control and treatment services to those who have a bed bug infestation in their property. We monitor our results effectively and advise homeowners on proper steps they should take to avoid bedbug presence in their homes in the future.

Commercial Bed Bug Control

Bed bug infestation on commercial property can bring about potential risks and consequences, which range from bad customer experience, dwindling revenues, bad reputation to company brand, and possible legal actions.

Digital Pest Services specialists use the most effective and proactive treatment solutions to ensure that your business facility is entirely free from bedbugs. Our conventional and heat treatment methods have been proven to eliminate bed bugs at all lifecycle stages.

If you have experienced bed bug infestation in your commercial property, contact us for a thorough inspection of the whole infested area.

Why You Need To Hire Us

We are one of the best in the industry. Digital Pest Control offers proven and effective methods of detecting and eliminating the source of your bed bug infestation problems.

Our highly trained certified specialist will carry out a thorough inspection of the infested area and offer you the best treatment options available at an affordable cost. We take into consideration the environmental friendliness when eliminating bed bugs from your homes or property to provide a greener pest control service for you.

Our treatment options, which include heat treatment and conventional methods, reduce the need for a chemical treatment option, which has proven to effectively eliminate bed bugs of all lifecycle stages over the years.

Digital Pest Control specialists have the capabilities to identify the source of your bed bug infestations wherever they might be in your homes and properties while providing for you a lasting solution to your bedbug problems.

Since bedbugs are difficult to eradicate with an untrained eye, you must contact specialists in the field to help solve the infestation problem to stop the future occurrence of another infestation.

At Digital Pest Control, we always learn new things in combating the menace of bed bugs. Our Bed Bug Pest Control Services covers both residential and commercial bed bug infestation problems. We implement our control and elimination measures using the latest technology to offer a final solution to your bed bug problems.

Additionally, after the treatments have been done, we follow you up to sustain the effectiveness of our efforts and ensure that complete customer need is satisfied with peace of mind.

With Digital Pest Control, your bed bug problems will be eliminated in 24 hours. We are happy when your needs are adequately satisfied.


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