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Cockroach Control Services in Dhaka

Cockroach control is a common problem in Dhaka city. If you are living in Dhaka city, you will face the cockroach problem. The Cockroach is the most common pest in everywhere. Cockroaches are most disturbing to find in your commercial property or office or home. They carry lots of diseases. So be careful if you are bothered because of Cockroach and it can dirt around your business. Please hire a professional Cockroach control service provider in Dhaka city. We are providing service near about years.

Garment Cockroach Control Services in Dhaka 

Digital pest Control Company provides the best Cockroach control service for garments. In Dhaka city, there is lots of Garments Company. They are investing lots of money in their sector if you think because of the Cockroach your company making a huge loss. Because Cockroach will damage your goods and you can’t find a professional Cockroach control service provider in Dhaka. Call us right now we are professional Garments Cockroach Control Company in Dhaka. We also cover Commercial office pest control, industrial pest control, residential pest control service in Dhaka.

Its exceptional ability to adapt to environmental changes make cockroaches the most successful insects on the planet, and therefore, also one of the most challenging pests to control in homes and businesses.

How do they get into the houses?

Cockroaches are famous at home in different ways: hidden inside bags, packages, cardboard boxes, egg cups, or infected appliances, slipping out from the outside through cracks or holes in doors or windows or through drains, or moving from one house to another by pipes, wiring. By remaining inactive during the day, the probability of being able to observe them entering the apartment is very low.


Three reasons why cockroaches come to your house: food, wet and dark places to nest, and garbage and its smell. Cockroaches may be attracted to other factors such as plant debris or cracks in the walls.

Fight them with Cucal Barrera.

If you find a cockroach in your cookies or detecting a black insect across your room, making you scream. It is not precisely the kind of appointment you had for Saturday night. So let’s see what attracts cockroaches to you!


The most common thing that attracts cockroaches is food. Ensure that all substance is seal so that the cockroaches do not get close. If you ever find cockroaches in the diet – you can throw it now! Remember that although your pantry and food storage spaces may seem sterile, that does not mean you are out of danger.


The second thing that this type of insects looks for is low light. Our houses, although well treated, provide optimal conditions for cockroaches to thrive and reproduce. Don’t be surprised if you find cockroaches in the sink – they can be attracted to things like dirty and wet dishes. Even a wet bath mat on the floor can attract some cockroaches.


Finally, garbage will attract not only these types of pests but also all kinds of neighbours! And when we refer to waste, it also includes recycling. Cockroaches love cardboard and sugary waste from glass bottles. Some types of cockroaches are also attracted to garden debris like rotten leaves. In short, cockroaches can attract to endless factors. And many of them include moisture, food, plant debris, cracks, and dark sites. Each one is tempted to one thing more than another. So you can get rid of the cockroach plague successfully we recommend that you attack the critical areas in your home and know what kind of cockroaches you face. Once you know what you are dealing with, you can prepare an attack plan. Crucial Barrera is an insecticide spray that creates a long-lasting barrier against insects to protect your home against cockroaches.

Cockroach Control Services in Bangladesh

Cockroaches don’t just enter dirty houses.

Most of the people believe that cockroaches only invade dirty homes. So many people have a hard time recognizing that they are suffering from this pest in their homes. While it is true that lack of hygiene is a great help for these insects to reproduce explosively. So it must be made clear that it is not the reason why they enter the houses. A cockroach only requires water, food, and warm temperature to settle in a home, so any house is susceptible to annoying presence, regardless of how clean and tidy it is. However, keeping the house clean and tidy is one of the keys to controlling infection levels and preventing them from increasing exponentially. Since it allows limiting the amount of food and shelters available, and therefore, curbing their multiplication.

Cockroaches reproduce very quickly

One of the reasons why cockroach pests in homes are so difficult to control is their great potential to reproduce, which allows them to multiply their number in a few days. One of the most common cockroach species in infested house. A female can have 4 to 8 placed throughout her life, of which, they appear between 30-48 nymphs in just 28 days.

It is taking into account all females reproduce only once, and that the introduction produces the invasion into the home of a single female. These values ​​give us the idea that it is essential to recognize and treat the problem of cockroaches at home. At the first sign of infection, since pest control is complicated by the increase in the number of individuals.

Signs of a Plague of Cockroaches at Home

Its presence, unless the house infestation levels are very high, goes very unnoticed because its activity is high during the night. Common, evident signs of the existence of cockroaches at home are the marks made by the jaws during feeding on any surface: pasta, food, bookbinding, paper, glue, rubber, etc. In the same way, they are the presence of excrement (also known by the German term “frass”), which is in the form of black dust and left anywhere frequented. Another element that can help detect a pest of cockroaches is the presence of discarded skins. Which are like small elongated cases of reddish or black depending on the species, and inside which Cockroach nymphs develop. They can also be detected by looking for individuals directly, under appliances, behind sinks, or in splits or cracks that are dark and damp. In any case, in the presence of cockroaches at home, and taking into account their excellent survival capacity, the best solution to effectively end the pest is to contact one of our expert pest control technicians.

Six ways to prevent the appearance of cockroaches at home

Who has not suffered the presence of cockroaches at home? It is widespread that due to heat, humidity, or merely a little carelessness when leaving food out of the pantry, these insects appear in our home. At first, it may be only one, but if the situation is not controlled in time. It can get out of hand and, when we come to realize it, it has become a tricky pest to eradicate. If this is the situation in which you find yourself or want to be a forecaster to a possible plague. We provide proven to be the most effective to prevent these bugs from appearing and nesting in our house. Best of all, most are easy to get and cost very little money.

Three remedies for cleaning the house and preventing cockroaches from multiplying

As you noticed, your lots of work consists of cleaning the house well. A critical task if we want to minimize the risk of the appearance of any insect. Thus, the following remedies, although not natural, are likely to help us achieve more lasting results.

Best Home Remedies for Residential

Bleach: It is a product that you must already have at home. Depending on where it uses, it can be a bit aggressive. So be careful not to use it on delicate surfaces such as marble or parquet, as it is possible that it will deteriorate and the remedy is worse than the disease.

The good thing about bleach is that you can pour it down the kitchen drains, the bathroom sink or the toilet, which are places where cockroaches housed. Mix it with water but to take a large stream of this product and not open the tap for a few minutes to make it more effective. Once this was done, the last step will be to rinse the area thoroughly with water so that we can continue using the sink or toilet with complete peace of mind.

Ammonia: another product almost identical to the previous one and commonly used in house cleaning. The way to use it is the same: pour is a good stream through all drains, pipes of the house, lets it act for a while. For a quick result, mix a solution of ammonia with water in the joints of the bathroom parts. Please use latex gloves to avoid damaging the skin of the hands. Always make sure you are not allergic since both bleach and ammonia are aggressive chemicals. So that can cause skin reactions or Various side effects not desirable at all.

Cockroach Control Services in Bangladesh

Boric acid: unlike what happens with the two previous products, this is a bit more complicated to get (ask at hardware stores or look at specialized stores) and quite dangerous to use. The positive side is that it is the most lethal remedy. Therefore, if you are already suffering from these insects at home, it is the one that can give you the best results to eliminate cockroaches. We could say that it is a real poison, harmful both to cockroaches and to humans. So if you decide to use it, notify all the people who live in the house, so they don’t touch it and try to keep young children and pets out of their reach. The way to use it is as follows: separate a small amount with the help of gloves and, if possible, using a mask to cover your nose and mouth. Mix the acid with some lovely food: sugar, condensed milk, or fruit. Put that mixture in several areas of the house where you intuit that cockroaches may appear or where you have seen them before. When they approach to feed attracted by the smell of food, they will also swallow the poison and die within a few minutes.

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