Termite pest control service

A termite pest infestation can be annoying and frustrating. This pest can be stopped with the help of our services. So if you have pest causing damages in your home or business, we at digital pest control are here to help.

What Is Termite Pest Control Service?

Termites pest control service is one of the best solutions for stopping termites from damaging our business or home. Termites can cause significant damage to a structure building if not treated or inspected. With our qualified experts in termites control, we offer to give you the best services.

Why You Need This Termite Pest Control Service?

Regardless of whether you live in an old or a new house, eventually, termite control will turn into an issue. Usually, this is the least thing going on in many people’s minds. Not exclusively do these pests damage the wood in and around your home, leaving them untreated for a long time can prompt extraordinary harm.

Types of Termites We Control

At Digital Pest Control, we have the perfect termite solution for you. Our professionals can control termites on dry wood, subterranean, and Formosa termites.

Termite Control Services in Bangladesh

Drywood Termite

Dry wood termite, live in co-operative provinces with various stations. These eusocial pests live inside the wood, which serves as food to them. Drywood termites might be multiple sizes relying upon their rank, like their soldiers are three-eighths of one inch long, while reproductive measure one-portion of an inch long. They are generally pale darker however can change between dull more sable, and tan.

Subterranean Wood

Subterranean termites are probably one of the most widely recognized and dangerous termite species. As with dry wood termites, these termites operates in three ranks;

  • Labourers
  • Reproductives or Swarmers
  • Soldiers

Labourers: They are pale and without wings, while the soldiers have elongated head and mandibles. The swarmers have forearms and full-fledged eyes. Subterranean termites rummage and construct homes both in soil and wet wood that is in contact with the ground.

The nearness of mud tubes is a marker of a subterranean termite pervasion. They mostly eat materials that contain s a lot of cellulose, such as; cotton, rotten wood, cardboard. Their eating routine includes any content containing cellulose, for example, dead and rotting wood, paper, cardboard, cotton textures, and filaments inside various plants.

Termite Control Services in Bangladesh

Formosa Termites

This type of termite from expansive structures colonies decimates wood and other cellulose-filled materials at a fast rate and acts in an incredibly dangerous way. The Formosan termite’s conduct and inclination for decimation have earned it the epithet “Super Termite” inside the pest control industry. These Formosa termites infest a wide range of structures, going from houses to tall structure townhouses.

While most of the Formosan termites assemble settles underground, a few provinces may work over the ground ends in areas with high centralizations of warmth and wellsprings of dampness, including plumbing, spilling rooftops, zones with reduced waste from canals and level roofs, landscape areas and balconies.

Our Termite Control Treatment

Our professional termite will experts will recommend the best termite solutions that suit your termite situation.

Baiting and monitoring termite treatment

This mode is one of the best methods our expert use in baiting and monitoring termite treatment. Our termite expert carefully scans to spot termite and with tapping termite instincts. This type of termite control technique permits us to offer the kind of service that requires no inconvenience to business or homeowners.

The benefits of baiting and monitoring

Unobtrusive: Your home will remain the same; it doesn’t change it. The termites’ bait is stationed in inconspicuous locations.

Non-destructive: When installing the bait stations, no drilling is required.

Peace of mind: Routine check-up is done often for any termites sign.


Conventional Treatment

At Digital pest control, the traditional treatment of termite techniques are done by applying liquid termiticide. This technique is beneficial when it comes to the treatment of termites.

Benefits of conventional treatment

Environmental friendly approach: Less about of material is needed during this service.

Unobtrusive: Treatment is done on the exterior part of the property


Why Should You Hire Us For Termite Control Service?

With our termite control service, you are guaranteed of a termite-free home or business. It is essential to locate the best termite control service when you notice the sign of termites. Your house is likely your most significant speculation and most costly belonging; we make sure your home is safe. If termites are left untreated or treated inappropriately, it can undermine the structural stability of your home and result in substantial repair costs.

It’s ideal to hire us, as we have experts with a lot of experience protecting businesses and individual homes from termites pest infestation. Termites don’t stand a chance with our advance termite treatment and control products. Our termite pest control service begins with a termite inspection by our professional termite control team.

When carrying out our inspection, we inspect both the outside and the inside of your home or business; then, we look carefully at any sign of potential termite infestation in the future. Depending on what we find out, our experts will effectively eliminate termites with a very high-quality termiticide. Digital pest control offers a customized protection package tailored to the unique needs of your home or business against termites.



How can I identify a termite?

Termites appear in a pale-toned, delicate body creepy crawlies around one-fourth inch, or less, in all-out the length with a long antenna. Termites can undoubtedly be confused with white ants without the assistance of an expert. Winged termites, or swarmers, highlight pigmented bodies with expansive midriffs and two sets of wings that are indistinguishable in size.

Subterranean termites are a roughly one-quarter inch long and immediately shed their wings following a brief flight. In contrast to termites, winged ants highlight squeezed midriffs and two sets of wings, their front wings seem more significant than the backsides just as elbowed subterranean. The ideal approach to distinguish termites on your property is with the help of pest control experts. Make a schedule for an inspection today.

Source: champion termite and pest control

What is the most common sign of termites?

Sometimes, most of the damages done by termites can be hard to spot, as it’s mainly situated inside the internal walls of the structure. But if you recognize termites (dead or alive), mud cylinders, or empty wood, it is inevitable, your property is invaded with termites and requires brief termite control services. Swarming termites are pulled in to the light. They can be found close to windows, entryways, air vents, and light apparatuses, while laborer termites are little and light-conditioned, and they rapidly escape when presented to light.

Mud tubes are a type of asylum for termites and highlight a smoothed, sloppy appearance the width of within a standard size drinking straw. Check for mud tubes along with breaks; under floors and baseboards; on channels, plumbing, and other regular property apparatuses. Damaged wood is another sign of termites. Tap wood along with the dividers, windows, and baseboards with the handle of a screwdriver, a hollow sound, or entrance of the screwdriver handle into the wooden surface may show wood harm. The nearness of underground termites is frequently demonstrated by dim segments of wood or rankling of wood flooring. Termite invasions are regularly preventable.

Source: champion termite and pest control

How do termites get inside property?

Termites can enter a property through minor splits and gaps as little as one-thirtieth of an inch. Underground termites, for instance, regularly enter a property from the dirt, or over the ground, through breaks and gaps in extension joints, voids around block or plumbing, and along with the structure’s establishment. Mulch spread over soil close by a structure’s establishment additionally fills in as an open door for termites to enter the property.

Wooden structures associated with ground, for example, wood patios, offer a simple passageway for termites. Homes or organizations with level rooftops, incessant holes, and other auxiliary dampness related issues are inclined to a high centralization of moisture and, accordingly, these properties have an improved probability of turning out to be swarmed with termites. During an investigation, our pest control group can assess the external property and internal structure and distinguish any potential issues which may put the property in danger for building up a termite invasion later on.

Source: champion termite and pest control


At Digital pest control, we do not compromise on quality, with our advanced termite control service, we ensure our customers’ satisfaction, and we take pride in our job. Our termite experts do not receive a short cut; they make it their priority to satisfy customers. Professionals at Digital pest control services are always ready 24/7 to provide termite solutions to our customers. Our goal is to provide customers with comfort and end termite issues.

With our termite control service, your home or business will be protected from further future termite damage and also eliminate all termite pest infestation. Our service also comes in the warranty, so you have nothing to disturbed over. So contact us if you notice any sign of termite or you have termite bothering your household, our termite experts can take care of it.

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